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SEEC signs cooperation agreement with MRC Consultants and Transaction Advisers

On 5th of September 2016, SEEC signed a cooperation agreement with MRC Consultants and Transaction Advisers Group ( a boutique consultancy, headquartered in Spain, started in 2014 by the original founders of Mercados Energeticos in South America and Mercados EMI in Europe.

Beside cooperation with MRC Spain this agreement makes arrangements for SEEC to be involved in global market opportunities with other members from MRC Group of Companies: EMRC (Edinburgh), EMRC (Abuja), MRC Italy (Milan), MRC Sweden (Helsingborg), Acta Consult (Moscow) and Siglasul (Rio the Janeiro). Throughout, mutual cooperation SEEC and MRC Group will prioritize business opportunities in: South East Europe, including Western Balkans; Russia and CIS Countries; Africa; The Middle East and South and South East Asia. SEEC and MRC Group will provide joint Consultancy Services to governments, international agencies and financial institutions and the private sector.

Both companies have ample experience and a long history in enginering, consulting and transaction advisory services in the field of Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development, share the same kind of values, excellent professional qualifications, and complementary presence in different regions and fields of expertise. So, the Main Scope and objective of this agreement is building up company value through organic growth and partnering with other existing consultancy businesses, with the aim of making profit out of the combined use of their human resources, references, client network, regional commercial advantages, brands, management and technical skills and any other synergy.

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