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Preparation of the Feasibility Study with Preliminary Design for the Biomass Power Plant with combined production of electricity and heat (CHP) in the TE-TO Zrenjanin

Client: PE "EPS-Elektroprivreda Srbije", Branch Pannonian TPP Ltd. (Panonske TE-TO d.o.o.), Novi Sad, Serbia

Name of partner(s): PD Delta Inženjering, Sustainable Energy Systems Solutions, Institut Mihajlo Pupin, Montprojekt, CEEFOR, KFG Industrial Group

Start/Completion Date: April 2018 - October 2018

Project description: The Serbian state power company, Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS), has announced a tender for a feasibility study and preliminary design for the construction of a combined heat and power biomass plant (CHP) in Zrenjanin, in northern Serbia. According to the plan, the CHP plant will be built in the compound of so-called new facility of the thermal power and district heating plant in Zrenjanin, in the industrial zone of the city. The thermal power and heating plant in Zrenjanin operates within the EPS branch, Panonske TE-TO.  The plan is to build a biomass plant, including access to it, and a storage facility for biomass in quantities which would be enough to supply the plant for seven days, if the plant is operating 24 hours a day at maximum capacity. The planned maximum annual consumption is up to 40,000 tons of biomass from agriculture, primarily cereal straw and sunflower stems. The possibility to replace up to 50 percent of the energy value of agricultural biomass with straw or timber from certain types of plants, such as basket willow, Paulownia or silver grass, must be foreseen. The plant will be designed for a maximum heat output of 10.5 MWt, 24 hours a day and 4,320 hours a year including design of heat accumulator, with the fastest investment payback possible. The thermal power and heating plant in Zrenjanin has not been in use for the past several years mainly due to the price of energy fuels.

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