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Technical Services and Main Design for the Montenegrin part of the ± 500 kV HVDC SUBMARINE/UNDERGROUND Cable Interconnection between Italy and Montenegro - Project MONITA, Montengro

Client: Prysmian, Italy
Name of partner(s): N/A
Start/Completion Date: April 2013 - July 2016
Project description: MONITA project envisages supply and installation of ±500 kV HVAC submarine/underground cable system from CS Lastva Grbaljska (Montenegro) to CS Cepagatti (Italy) , with a total length of about 422 km, out of which 393 km belong to the submarine part of the system. The system consists of two single-pole HVAC 500 kV cables with impregnated paper insulation, submarine electrodes with relevant medium voltage electrode cables, as well as the appropriate equipment and accessories. The part of the system also consists of a fiber optic cable for the realization of TC connection. This cable could be bundled in sea with one pole of HVDC cable.This project encompasses the section of this cable connection in the territory of the Republic of Montenegro, which includes:
In the territorial waters of Montenegro:

On the Montenegro mainland:

This project included following services:

All technical and design services have been finalized successfully and Construction Permit has been issued in July 2016.

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