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Lastva ‐ Pljevlja transmission Project‐ Preparation of Tender Documents, Montenegro


Name of partner(s): N/A

Start/Completion Date: May 2012 - December 2012

Project description: The construction of a new 400/110/35 kV substation at Lastva on the Adriatic coast, the diversion and strengthening of the existing network around Lastva, and the construction of a new 155km long 400kV line from Lastva on the Adriatic coast to Pljevlja in Northern Montenegro. This project is linked to the planned construction of an undersea cable from Italy to Montenegro, which would come onshore at Lastva. Description of actual services provided by SEEC:

- Volume I, II and III for the Construction of 400 kV transmission line Section Lastva‐Čevo-Pljevlja

- Volume I, II and III for the new 400 kV Substation Lastva and extension of Substation Pljevlja

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