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Integration of Baraha 400/132 kV Substation into DEWA 400 kV system, United Arab Emirates

Client: Fichtner GmbH, Germany
Name of partner(s): N/A
Start/Completion Date: July 2007 - September 2007
Project description: The scope of the consultancy services were mainly divided into two components namely feasibility studies and systems studies. The feasibility studies have analyzed all possible options, have been discussed with DEWA officials and agree on an economic and reliable solution to connect the Baraha 400/132 kV substation to the existing/future 400 kV system. The system studies have conducted on the agreed solution to optimize the same so that DEWA system will perform within the prescribed limits after the proposed addition/modifications.The activities of S.E.E.C. Ltd. consultants have included mainly system studies thoroughly the proposed interconnection of Baraha 400/132 substation to DEWA 400 kV system. Also, the Consultant has studied the impact of Baraha 400/132 substation on DEWA system including contingency analysis, possible mismatch between 400 kV circuits, short circuit analysis, reactive power compensation requirements, dynamic stability and voltage stability considering Dubai system and Emirates National Grid (ENG) interconnection (with and without ENG). The system study also has addressed any requirements identified such as counter measures for reducing short circuit currents, dynamic stability counter measures, etc. Sensitivity analysis of loads short circuits, stability counter measures, etc. had been conducted in necessary cases.

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