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Integrated Management Information System for the Energy Sector - EuropeAid/130458/C/SER/RS, Serbia

Client: Delegation of the EU to the Republic of Serbia
Name of partner(s): Fichtner GmbH, Germany - Main Contract holder and GisDATA
Start/Completion Date: May 2011- December 2014
Project description: The overall objective of this project was to assist Serbia in supporting Serbian Ministries: Ministry in charge of Infrastructure, Energy, Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning in establishing integrated information system (IMIS) between the Ministries and other Energy Agencies with the main goal to support sustainable development by enhancing information integration, data management and monitoring capacities in the energy sector. IMIS should provide efficient management, monitoring, reporting and information analysis resource for the use energy resources according to EU standards. It is foreseen to integrate current existing databases and domain specific applications into integrated system with integrated spatial data support (GIS). The integrated system should in general enable efficient management, sharing and flow of information for data extraction, analysis, reporting and monitoring, implementation of sustainable energy policy, implementation of Kyoto protocol, rational use of conventional fuels and increased use of renewable energy sources.

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