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Feasibility study on the separation of auxiliary thermal power facilities from CHP Zrenjanin 110 MWe and transformation into district heating plant of the city of Zrenjanin, Serbia

Client: PU “EPS-Elektroprivreda Srbije”, PD Panonske TE-TO d.o.o. Novi Sad, Serbia

Name of partner(s): N/A

Start/Completion Date: August 2006 - December 2006

Project description: CHP plant “Zrenjanin” operates within state electric utility (EPS) but also supplies process steam to the industry and heat for space heating to district heating system of the town Zrenjanin with around 100.000 citizens and located at East-North of Serbia. DH system has no own heat source, operates only pipe network and buy heat from the CHP plant. CHP plant consists of four old steam turbine units with total 25 MWe power capacities and one new 120 MWe unit. Natural gas and oil fuel are used as a fuel. Due to sever reduction in process steam delivery and smaller heat supply to DH than foreseen in the past, the plant was faced with difficulties to provide power, heat and process steam under competitive prices. The main objectives of the study were to analyze (i) the present and prospective operation of the CHP plant “Zrenjanin”, and (ii) possibility and justification of the separation of old unit into public district heating plant. Detailed analyses of heat and process steam market and products delivery in the past was considered and compared with actual capacities of both plant phases (old and new). The technical aspects of all plant units have been analyzed and realistic alternatives for the upgrading and reconstruction with the aim to increase energy and economic effectiveness have been considered. Several alternatives for reconstruction into CCGT have been considered. All alternatives have been financially evaluated (investments, labour, fuel consumption and operation costs, etc.). Finally, the study was accepted by the client who made a decision based on the findings and recommendation of the study. All the tasks were carried out by SEEC.

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