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Consulting Services for the Project “Environmental Measures in Lignite Fired Power Plants”, Serbia

Client: EPS – JP Elektroprivreda Srbije (Electric Power Industry of Serbia), Serbia

Name of partner(s): Vattenfall Europe PowerConsult GmbH, Germany

Start/Completion Date: May 2008 - September 2009

Project description: In the framework of the financial cooperation between the Republic of Serbia and Germany KfW committed development loan to EPS (Loan and Financing Agreement) - consisting of a grant portion and a loan portion - for the financing of replacement of the ash transport of TPP Kostolac A beside the other subproject. Kostolac A Thermal Power Plant (TEKO A) is a lignite fuelled power plant in Serbia. TPP Kostolac A has two units with nameplate capacity of 100 MW (90 MW net) and 210 MW (191 MW net). The first unit was commissioned in 1967 and the second one in 1980. In addition to electric energy, TPP Kostolac A produces also district heating for the towns Kostolac and Požarevac. The produced ash was pumped by “thin slurry system” to the Ash Disposal Site near the river Danube. Excessive water consumption of the thin slurry technology was causing instable dam sites and contamination of the ground and surface water. River Danube and the surrounding agricultural areas were polluted by ash, overflows of the disposal site and seepage water. Additionally, the thin slurry technology caused repeatedly breakdowns of the dam which led to additional pollution. The subproject comprised of replacing of the existing thin slurry ash disposal system with a thick slurry hydraulic transport scheme and initial recommendation for geotechnical and environmental action plan including a monitoring system as part of an ash disposal system operation adjustment. Services provided by SEEC staff within the assignment were:

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