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Energy Investment Activity Project (BiH), Bosnia and Herzegovina

Client: Advanced Engineering Associates International (financed by USAID), USA
Name of partner(s): NA
Start/Completion Date: January 2015 - December 2016
Project description: Advanced Engineering Associates International, Inc. has been awarded Energy Investment Activity Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina and SEEC has been subcontracted to perform:
Inventory of combustion plants: Gathering data that identified categories of large combustion plants in each Energy Community signatory, including Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), based on their function and geographic location. Using that data and other data collected in BiH, SEEC created an inventory of thermal power plants (TPPs) and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plants with a rated thermal input equal to or greater than 50 MW.
Data gathering: Data forms for each TPP and CHP unit were prepared based on further research and interviews with the plant owners. SEEC also gathered additional information on measures that would be needed to meet the requirements of the EU LCP Directive and the costs associated with those measures by collecting information from existing literature and interviews with relevant stakeholders.
Estimate of costs and benefits: SEEC delivered an estimation of the costs for the emission abatement measures according to the different scenarios and for each relevant large combustion plant for the period of 2014- 2018. The costs also have been compared to the potential environmental and health benefits from the reduced emissions, based on the methodology developed for a cost-benefit analysis of the Clean Air for Europe Programme.
Develop national emission reduction plan (NERP): SEEC provided technical assistance to BiH partners for developing a phased action plan to reduce large combustion plant emissions, as recommended by the Energy Community Treaty and incorporated in applicable EU Directives. SEEC provided capacity training for governments, regulatory commissions and utilities with regards to the action plan.

Documents were submitted in due time. In the EC Secretariat's view expressed in their „Opinion 2/16" dated 26.10.2016, the NERP drafted and submitted by Bosnia and Herzegovina is compliant with both the Policy Guidelines and Directive 2001/80/EC. All project related services were successfully finalized by the end of December 2016.



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