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EPCG Metering Project Consultant for the Project Implementation Unit, Montenegro

Client: EPCG - Elektroprivreda Crne Gore AD -Nikšić, Montenegro

Name of partner(s): CESI, Italy – Main Contract holder

Start/Completion Date: May 2011 – December 2014

Project description: EBRD proposed EUR 35 million loan for funding the acquisition and installation of 175.000 meters throughout the Montenegrin distribution network, together with the related software, systems integration and ancillary facilities. The objective of the Consultant was to provide technical assistance to EPCG to ensure the successful completion of the Project in accordance with the Project Implementation Plan (PIP) and with all Bank’s requirements stipulated in the Loan Agreements. The Project was organised into five components:

Component 1–Electricity meters and data concentrators–the supply of meters and data concentrators.

Component 2–Installation–Installation of meters with remote reading and remote disconnection capabilities with associated supply of cables, modems, boxes, cables, and other ancillary equipment necessary for the installation of meters in the LV network.

Component 3–Ancillary equipment for substations–Ancillary items including modems, meter boxes, cabling, and other auxiliary equipment necessary for the installation and operation of the meters in substations.

Component 4–Project Implementation Unit Consultancy Services–the external consultancy services to assist EPCG in the preparation and particularly in the implementation of the Project.

Component 5–Software and meter management system–An integrated system of software, hardware and handheld units for managing the entire meter reading system and interfacing with the billing system, including meter reading, meter management and databases. The services to be performed are as follows:

Phase I–Project preparation phase:



Phase II Project Implementation Phase:



Phase III Project Completion:



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