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Due diligence and technical solution for the construction of a CCGT 200 MWe CHP plant in the city of Kragujevac, Serbia

Client: Meinl Capital Advisors AG, Austria
Name of partner(s): N/A
Start/Completion Date: April 2008 - June 2008
Project description: SEEC performed analyses of heat requirements for district heating of the city of Kragujevac and of process steam and heat requirements of the car factory and military equipment factory in the industrial zone of Kragujevac; analysis of the state of equipment and the facilities of the existing power plant „Energetika d.o.o." which renders its energy services for the city and industries; determination of alternative technical solutions of CCGT plant and optimization of the combined-cycle and equipment; determination of investment structure; annual energy balances of the power plant (delivery of heat, process steam, electricity, natural gas consumption, cooling water requirements). The client has done the business plan for the construction of the plant.

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