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Identification and Assessment of Resource Efficiency Investment Opportunities and Review of Corporate Sustainability Policies for Bingo – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Client: Tractebel Engineering S.p.A, Italy (funded by EBRD, UK)

Name of partner(s): NA

Start/Completion Date: March 2015 - July 2015

Project description: The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (“EBRD” or the “Bank”) intends to finance Bingo d.o.o. (“Bingo” or the “Company”) for acquisition of new retail outlets and for resource efficiency improvements in the new acquisitions and across the whole chain. Bingo is the second largest retail chain in BiH and operates 102 stores with total retail area exceeding 134.000 sqm. The Company is interested in identifying and assessing cost-effective opportunities related to resource efficiency investments with a focus on new acquisitions and leading to energy and water savings, and to reduction of waste generated during operation of the assets and optimisation of operation performance. EBRD hired TE to perform:



The Consultant has identified cost-effective recommendations and provided cost-benefit analyses for each of them. Any recommendations identified for specific asset were extrapolated to investment opportunities across the chain. The Consultant assisted the Company on structuring a sound resource efficiency investment plan across the chain. SEEC provided local EE Expert to support international experts in conduction of Energy Audit, collection and data evaluation, identification of EE measures, analysis of IT infrastructure, overview of local legislation related to implementation of EE measures and environmental legislation.

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