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Assessment of Municipal Infrastructure Agency Support Programme (MIASP), Serbia

Client: COWI - Main Contract holder and BCEOM (funded by European Commission with European Agency for Reconstruction as an implementing agency, Serbia)

Name of partner(s): NA

Start/Completion Date: October 2006 - November 2006

Project description: In 2004 the Government of Serbia established the Municipal Infrastructure Agency (MIA) with the purpose of enabling municipalities and local public utility companies to access financial resources for municipal infrastructure projects. One of the underlying objectives of EAR support under the MIASP is to develop and strengthen the MIA into an organization that is capable of managing future municipal investment programs financed by either the EU, IFI’s and donor agencies. Specific Objectives of the project were:



S.E.E.C. Ltd. was mainly engaged in following tasks:



All three tasks have identified detailed assignment of duties.

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