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Analysis of wind potential - measurements, Serbia

Client: EPS - Electric Power Industry of Serbia, Serbia

Name of partner(s): NetInvest Ltd., Serbia

Start/Completion Date: January 2009 – May 2010

Project description: In December 2008 SEEC won tender for analysis of wind potential at selected location in Serbia. SEEC proposed several locations (at least 3) and proposed the most attractive location from the aspects of wind potential, available land area, land use, transmission network constraints, distance from the roads, dwellings, environmental constraints, etc. At the selected location a 50m wind tower was installed with three heights of measuring equipment. After 12 months measuring campaign collected data were processed using commercial software WAsP, developed by Risø Institute, Denmark and software GH WindFarmer, developed by GarradHassan, UK. The Main Project Characteristics are:



SEEC experts proposed several locations based on above mentioned criteria and have choosen the most attractive one. All measuring data were collected and processed by software WAsP and GH WindFramer. All reports within the project were prepared by SEEC experts.

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